Ornamental Bed Weed Control Program Yorktown VA

The following is a description of the Grass Roots ornamental bed weed control program, including the contents of each application and the approximate timing. Application scheduling may vary due to weather conditions but will generally follow the guidelines stated.

Late Winter
Post emergent herbicide to reduce the amount of weeds that wintered through in the bed areas.

Early Spring
Pre-emergent for grassy and broadleaf weeds. This will help to control the appearance of grassy weeds in the beds. Spot treatment for weeds that have already germinated will be done as needed.

Late Spring
Post emergent for grassy and broadleaf weeds will continue to hinder the take over of undesirables in your ornamental beds.

Early Summer
Pre-emergent for broadleaf weeds. This will control the germination of broadleaf weeds through the summer months.

Late Summer
Post emergent for grassy and broadleaf weeds will help to eliminate the weeds that will carry into the fall months.

Pre-emergent for broadleaf weeds will control the appearance of weeds that would otherwise winter through in the bed areas.

Our bed weed control program was developed to meet a rising homeowner need to keep their entire landscape weed free. While these services should greatly reduce the amount of weed content in your ornamental areas, there may still be occasional need for hand weeding, especially in areas with ground cover. If we are allowed to maintain our full service schedule, service calls will be performed at no additional charge. We are a locally owned and operated company that has grown solely by providing excellent customer service and professional results. Our best advertisement is a satisfied customer, so if we can improve our service in any way please let us know!