Roscoe Lantz 
We're entering our third year with Grass Roots. Our yard (about 70K square feet) looks great. We've had neighbors stop buy to ask about our yard care. Technicians are courteous and helpful; always offering advice for improvement. Thanks Grass Roots!!!
Laura Rose 
We have been using Grassroots for two years, and it is no exaggeration when I say that we have the best lawn in our neighborhood. Other neighbors now use Grassroots after calling us to ask who takes care of our lawn. We had sodded our yard and wanted to maintain it, and Grassroots does a great job. We've seen Grassroots transform neighbors' "lawns" of weeds into lush grass from seed. Coleman and Jen, their office staff, provide excellent customer service and advice, and they are patient with every phone call. Our actual lawn technician, Kyle, is thorough, attentive, and just a straight up nice guy. We are very happy with their service and results.
Erica Gregory 
If you ever want thick,full looking grass this is the place. If interested tell them Eddie sent you😉
Pete Paine 
I am finishing my first year with Grass Roots of Virginia. Their frendly demeanor, product knowledge, and service is unparalleled in the industry. I became aware of Grass Roots when I visited a house that had the best lawn I had ever seen. I asked who they used, and the rest is history. First, their prices are competitive. I was spending more on fertilizer, seed, and fungicides...than GR's total bill. Every year, their grass seed blend changes as they call their sources in Oregon to find out what seed is optimal. This years blend included 10 varieties, next years will probably have 4 varieties. I called in three times this year to get extra seed and weed control. They were out there the next day in all cases at no charge. For blanket spray applications, they use an aerator to maintain the necessary properties of the spray solution in the tank. When you call, someone always answers the phone. Both the inside staff and on site workers could not be more pleasant. I know they work with Chesapeake Bay organizations in consultative capacity to minimize the impact of fertilizers on the bay's watershed. Think about the fact that they don't advertise. They do not need to. They get 100% of their clients through referrals. I've never known of any business to rise so far above its competitors.
Grassroots has been servicing our lawn for a couple of years. We use to have another company and wasn't satisfied with the results we were seeing. Today, we had a contractor with Dominion Power installing new underground service at the street and one of the gentlemen working commented "that is the greenest yard I have ever seen!" Thank you Grassroots! We do have the prettiest lawn we have ever had!