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Established in 1632 with the name Middle Plantation, Williamsburg has a long list of history attached to its name. There are 14,691 people living in Williamsburg, and it is a major tourist attraction throughout the year, especially in the summer months. Much of this is due to the fact that it was the center point in a lot of the important historical events that happened here, including the political events that led to the American Revolution and its aftermath.

Middle Plantation was formally made the capital city of Virginia in 1699 and was renamed Williamsburg after King William III. This was a great help to elevating the still budding town in the eyes of the rest of the country as well. Williamsburg was supposed to be part of the water canal but it was never completed. You can still see ruins on its construction even now in Colonial Williamsburg.

When the American Revolutionary War broke out, Williamsburg lost its name as the capital of Virginia because it was said to be too vulnerable. Williamsburg began to decline in popularity even more due to the fact that it was far from water and hard to get to. In 1881, however, it was built into the Peninsula Extension railway, giving it a breath of fresh air for travelers. It never regained its status as capital of Virginia.

Williamsburg is a now a city that is centered a lot on education. The city is home to American's second oldest college, The College of William in Mary (established in 1693). Additionally, Williamsburg's public school won awards for its gifted students, being listed within the top 5 schools in the country 2 separate times.

Just as education is popular in Williamsburg, so is family life. Family homes are taken care of carefully on the inside and out. Williamsburg is the home of many Grass Roots of Virginia clients, and each property holds a certain calibre that appeals to longtime residents of Williamsburg. This is also a well-loved feature of those who come to visit the city. It is a picturesque environment that Grass Roots of Virginia helps create in the culture rich Williamsburg.

Specific tourist attractions include the Williamsburg Premium Outlet Mall, but namely a lot of the interest is in Colonial Williamsburg.     
Williamsburg is home to some well-known greats as well including Bruce Hornsby, (pianist and singer). The Baltimore Ravens and Lawrence Taylor also are originally from Williamsburg. 

From its focus on education, to its rich historical background, Williamsburg has a lot to offer the home owner and tourist, both. It has grown into a great place for a family looking to find a home and once you have found the perfect home, let Grass Roots of Virginia provide you with the best lawn care!