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The capital of Virginia, Richmond is home to an approximate 220,289 people as of 2015. The main suburbs of this area are Midlothian, Glen Allen, Short Pump and Mechanicsville amongst others. Many of these home owners find that the organic services that Grass Roots of Virginia offer are what they are looking for, and this is a popular company amongst the many in this metropolitan area. 

Having its beginning in 1609 when the English colonists came to find a new life in what was then native land, this town got its name after what was then a community near London. The town was carefully planned out and designed, then put into place in the 1730s. This was formally founded as the city that we know today in 1737.

One fun fact about Richmond, VA is that it is the spot in which Patrick Henry said those famous lines “Give me liberty or give me death.” As such, Richmond was the hub of a lot of political-based movement and development. During the American Revolutionary War, the city of Williamsburg had its name as capital taken from it and it was given to Richmond, where it still stays today. This was partly due to Williamsburg's vulnerability, but also because of the fact that Virginia was growing westward, so the capital had to be more centrally located.

In a fire in 1865, 75% of the city's buildings were burned down, and the few that remain now are considered critical in upholding the rich history that you'll find here. As a new city was built, emphasis was put onto residential areas and making them resemble the plan originally meant for Richmond. Even in today's age, an emphasis is kept on making this busy city look “just so”. Grass Roots of Virginia is proud to serve the residents who live here, providing the perfect services to help this historical city keep itself in the best shape externally.

Richmond is mostly driven by finance and law, both of these being main factors in its success from the start of the industrial revolution. More recently, Richmond is growing in the world of natural sciences with the Virginia BioTechnology Research Park giving new researchers a hub for pharmaceutical companies.

Vince Gilligan and Constance Wu are both Hollywood regulars, and they both call Richmond their home. Hunter Parrish, famous for his role in Weeds is another big name that is from Richmond as well.

Museums are popular in Richmond, with the Virginia Historical Society and the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts being on the main strip. There are more saturating the area, and this is often referred to as Museum Boulevard by locals and tourist guides. 

Through its rough patches in history, and its bright stars on the big screen, Richmond has come a long way from its start as the new home of English colonists.