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Until the Civil War, this was mostly a fishing community. Originally named Newportes Newes in 1621, there is a lot of debate over where the name came from. The most agreed to conclusion is that it was named after Sir William Newce, who was a soldier that settled on the land and then died a short two days later. The formal name Newport News was given in 1866.

While it has been around since the 1600s, Newport News originally was a large amount of agricultural land that was eventually put through 15 years of explosions. These explosions started in 1881 and were for the creation of the Peninsular Extension of the Chesapeake and Ohio Railway. While Newport News had existed before this, it was made popular due to its attachment to the railway. This new railway brought coal, workers, and eventually the military to it. Even today, it has strong ties to jobs within the military, making it a leader in the economy.

Home to around 183,412 in 2010, curbside appeal is important to homeowners in Newport News, which is why Grass Roots of Virginia is so happy to be working to help create healthy and happy lawns and properties for all who travel through and admire them. This is because of a large stretch of land that exists on the waterfront of James River. It is dotted with single homes, all of which are majestic and largely built up to the high standards of the high class residents. Grass Roots of Virginia helps them all get the prestige they are looking for in their properties. Suburbs dominate what was once farmland and wooded areas of Newport News. 

Education and research are both key in how this city works, both pillars in both the jobs and the lifestyle of those living here. The main school system is Newport News Public Schools which houses both primary and secondary students. There is also Christopher Newport University, a public university, and both Old Dominion University and Norfolk State University are close by for alternatives.

There are a lot of attractions in Newport News that are great for locals and tourists alike including the Peninsula Fine Arts Center, housing all sorts of rotating exhibits. There is also the Virginia Living Museum which focuses its efforts on bringing people both inside and outside to show how wildlife exists all around us and how we should appreciate it.

Both Ella Fitzgerald and Michael Vick are originally from Newport News, giving a bit of recognition to this bustling industrial city. Newport News has got its focus on education and wildlife preserves, two things that matter to the residents calling this place home. With the added bonus of Grass Roots of Virginia lending a hand in providing organic lawn care to residents, this is a city that is set for a green and nature-based future.