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Home in modern days to 36,858 people approximately, the city of Gloucester is home to a lot of land that remains agricultural for development, staying true to its beginnings in the world. Gloucester got its name from Henry Stuart, Duke of Gloucester in England, the son of King Charles.

A large part of Virginia's income comes from the fishing and agricultural sales that Gloucester does, making it a major contributor to the state's financial situation. It is one of the few established cities that still has its main sources of income from something other than industrial growth and corporations.

A lot of the land in city limits is dedicated to residential and commercial development, however, giving it a unique edge of agricultural and modern growth in the same breath. There is a post graduate school in Gloucester called Virginia Institute of Marine Science. It focuses on – as the name suggests – Marine Science, and it is connected with the College of William and Mary.

Gloucester is considered to be the Daffodil Capital of America, and there is a yearly daffodil celebration each year, bringing in all sorts of interest from both the locals that can benefit from this attraction, and from travelers who want to take in the festivities when the time arrives. It has proven to be a good way to attract tourists to this city.

Grass Roots of Virginia works hand in hand with the residents of Gloucester to give them the rich lawns and properties that they are looking for, helping keep Gloucester true to the very nature of the agricultural side, offering organic options to those who want to stick to the best of the best. This attitude does well with homeowners, offering Grass Roots of Virginia a great home in this city.

Due to its natural beauty, there are quite a few parks, including Abington Park with its kid-friendly atmosphere, and Ark Park that is conveniently located off of US Route 17. These show off the value of the nature, rich in Gloucester country.

There are a series of famous people that call Gloucester their home, including the notable John Buckner who brought the first printing press to the colony back in1680, as well as Félix Rigau Carrera, who was the first Puerto Rican Marine pilot. After a career in this, Carrera decided to become a prominent and successful businessman in Gloucester County.

Home to the modern thinkers that are a good match for the work that Grass Roots of Virginia holds dear, Gloucester, VA is a great match for staying true to green, organic agricultural needs, the very place that it came from.